We offer dental-grade teeth whitening which is safe and clinically proven. This safe, affordable, easy procedure helps to whiten your teeth by removing stains that may have been caused by smoking, drinking coffee, or red wine.

The process:

A gel is applied to the teeth and a LED light is used to whiten teeth, it is often a highly effective way to brighten your smile. The time it lasts depends on the client’s diet and lifestyle results on average last up from six months to two years or more in some cases.

The only contraindications are:
1. If the client is under the age of 16
2. On clients who are pregnant or lactating
3. On clients who have front tooth decay, gum diseases
or infections under the teeth
4. Severe tooth sensitivity
5. Cracks and exposed dentine
6. Existing crowns and large fillings in the smile zone
7. Gum shrinkage and visible yellow roots.

4 Shades Lighter

60 min | AU $249.00